Marriage is one of the most life-changing and serious commitments you will ever make. On a CEE weekend you can concentrate exclusively on one another, free of the tensions, pressures and interruptions of the world, while exploring the many aspects of your relationship.


Catholic Engaged Encounter is for all couples planning marriage in the Catholic church who desire a richer, fuller life together. This weekend is designed to deepen and enrich your relationship with each other. Interfaith couples and those entering a second marriage can also benefit from this weekend.


A series of presentations are given by a team of married couples and a priest. Each presentation allows you and your fiancé an opportunity to look at yourselves as individuals, then to look at your relationship with one another, and finally to look at your relationship with God, the church and the world.


Engaged Encounters are held on various weekends throughout the year. Reservations are limited. The encounter weekend begins on Friday evening at 8:00 p.m. and concludes on Sunday at 5:00 p.m.

It is designed to give engaged couples the opportunity to discuss honestly their future lives together - their strengths and weaknesses, desires, goals, ambitions, their attitudes about money, sex, family, children, their role in the church and society - in a face to face way.

Upcoming Dates
  • We're sorry, no further weekends are scheduled for 2024

Locations: To Be Determined


The cost for the weekend is currently being re-evaluated.


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